Third Place – Motorcycle Race


From Racing Wisconsin

Nine motorcyclists tripped the clock in time trials with Mark Zeidler of Ringle showing the way with a time of 20.923 for fast time.

In the six lap heat race it was a four way slugfest for first between Steve Kasten, Mark Zeidler, Brad Seavers and Cliff Eckes Jr. When the checkered flag fell Brad Seavers happened to be in front by inches, with Kasten breathing down his back and the duo of Zeidler/Eckes on either side of Kasten.

With the longer ten lap feature race, Mark Zeidler simply put his Honda out front and stayed there for the duration. No one had the speed and skill he and his mount possessed tonight. On the start of the second lap Marshfield’s Cliff Eckes Jr. fell in turn one; stopping the race but returning to the back line for the restart. His injuries amounted to a wrecked pair of racing gloves that were new last week and are now beyond repair. He soldiered through the field to a fourth place finish, while Steve Kasten held off Brad Seavers in the fight for second and third positions.

Results 1. Mark Zeidler HON 2. Steve Kasten YAM 3. Brad Seavers HON 4.Cliff Eckes Jr. YAM 5.Troy Johnson ROT 6.Woody Eckes YAM 7.Lee Johnson YAM 8. Ted Strebe YAM 9. Craig Lewis Qualifying:1.Mark Zeidler 20.923 2. Brad Seavers 21.562 3. Steve Kasten 21.614 4. Cliff Eckes Jr. 21.757 5.Craig Lewis 21.925 6.Troy Johnson 22.063 7.Woody Eckes 22.357 8. Lee Johnson 22.462 9. Ted Strebe 23.006 Story by Woody Eckes

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