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Brad Seavers Day

Brad Seavers, wow what do I say about this guy to do him justice? Brad is kicking this 30 day adventure off for reason. Well many reasons I guess, but basically because I am more astounded by him every day I get to know him. His story (which you will read later in his own words through 12 questions) is although not a secret, and even a though I call him friend was something I didn’t fully understand the depth of until now.

Racing takes you a lot of places and in front of a lot of faces but I find it’s rare to really connect and bond with someone outside of your own teammates.  You never get much time together, everyone is always busy, and you just never get to sit down together, take a breath and find out who some one really is off the track. I can’t speak for Brad, but for me, it never felt that way, there was never much of an incubation period for getting to know him, it was just kind of already there. After the formalities of introductions to each other, and working in the shop for a week, we were just friends. No deep questions of personal history or the usual interview style of early friendships at least to my memory. I knew pretty quickly this dude was legit, he was real, he was honest and he was true to himself, which allowed him to be true with me, as well as everyone else.

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