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Seavers Racing is proud to announce its endorsement by:  Substance For You

I, Substance For You’s owner (Brian McCollom), proudly endorse Brad Seavers of Seavers Racing as of Monday, November 21, 2016. I am not only impressed with Brad’s ability to share his story of resilience, strength, and hope. But, I’m beyond proud of the efforts his story of overcoming and achieving above and beyond shows a triumphant feat to overcome adversity in living, loving, and life! I know from personal experience it’s not easy growing up with addictions. But, as Brad proves, it is always possible for recovery and an important part of our healing is to share that story so boldly and bravely as Brad does! I strive for this type of greatness every day, so I am honored to welcome him into our addiction awareness and recovery support team, inspiring hundreds of thousands on a daily basis.

Brad’s actions are more than exemplary, not just on the track as an excellent racer, but off the track as a role model and public speaker to the youth of our World. He’s continually molding our next generation for greatness with the care of his own peace of mind and honesty.

As Brad shares his story of overcoming addiction, spinal injuries, and prevailing to become bigger, better, and faster than ever before it’s truly a tale that I back because without people like him our youth may be in a different spot to grow up not knowing that heroes do exist.

Whether it’s saying no to drugs or it’s getting back on your feet after being told you’d never be able to walk again, that is something that puts Brad’s efforts above and beyond the rest. And that is a reason to get behind the movement that Seavers Racing is propelling this generation forward with!

As Substance For You is founded on my personal ideals and goals of overcoming tragic and paramount defeat, to then rising above the odds to show the World that it’s never too late to become a better you, Seavers Racing exemplifies this that we are trademarked for with its attitude on and off the track. As I know this from personal experience, with working with Brad, and knowledge of his efforts to better the world inside and out. He, his team, and his car are all something and someone I am proud to say, “Substance For You believes in you.” Which is why I am glad to be a brand represented on his car as it speeds around the track, and you should be too! It makes a difference between this world needs more team players; while a way to do that is to hop on with Seavers Racing!

If no one believes in Substance For You, I wouldn’t be where I am today, telling the world that it’s never too late to show the World something great! That’s exactly what Seavers Racing is doing, while following the living example in Brad himself.

God bless people who are here to help, like Seavers Racing. And I tell you with my full support, the ideals he portrays are one’s that WILL and are changing the World. All you need to do is stand by the winner’s; like Seavers Racing. Go get em’ Brad! You are a winner in and out of the car. I’m truly inspired and grateful to call you a friend and associate.

Brad Seavers, of Seavers Racing, is a man of honor, recovery, achievement, and going fast. I am here to back his steps in helping the World, on and off the track. Together we rise, and alone, we will all fall. So today, and all days, I stand behind Seavers Racing! Join the team!

-Brian McCollom / Owner at Substance For You LLC
  Detroit, Michigan


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