Fifth Place – Deer Creek


From Deer Creek Speedway

The Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Street Stocks pulled onto the speedway first for their feature event. Brad Seavers and Don Schaefer raced for the top spot. Dan Wheeler and Jared Boumeester were close by in a battle for third. Seavers was credited with lap one but Wheeler quickly took over the spot on the second lap. Boumeester followed Wheeler through into second on lap three with Seavers holding onto the third spot.  Josh Crary sat in fourth with Dustin Scott in the top five early on. With seven laps completed Seavers pressured Boumeester for the second spot while Scott worked past Crary for fourth. With ten down Wheeler was out to a really large lead while Scott and Seavers raced for third. Scott took over third on lap eleven with the first caution flying on lap thirteen. On the restart Wheeler led with Scott moving into the second spot. Seavers, Robby Franklin and Jason Born were in a tight battle for the fifth spot as the laps wore down. At the finish it was Wheeler with the win, Scott, Boumeester, Crary and Seavers rounded out the top five. Heat races were won by Scott and Don Schaefer.

Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature – Dan Wheeler, Dustin Scott, Jared Boumeester, Josh Crary, Brad Seavers, Robby Franklin, Jason Born, Ryan Wetzstein, Ron Jablonske, Casey Trom, Don Schaefer, Ryan Goergen, Garitt Wytaske, Tammy Soma Clark, Brayten Cisneros, Bonne Jablonske, Jake Stark

Heat 1 – Scott, Wheeler, Boumeester, Seavers, Crary, Born, Stark, Cisneros, B. Jablonske

Heat 2 – Schaefer, Franklin, Goergen, Wetzstein, Trom, Soma Clark, R. Jablonske, Wytaske

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